Immigration Marriage Equality
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DHS Announces DOMA Immigration Rights & Benefits

Today the Department of Homeland Security has announced some FAQs regarding how the latest SCOTUS decision on DOMA affects federal Immigration benefits.  Now U.S. citizen and lawful permanent resident petitioners can seek DOMA Immigration…
Immigration Marriage Equality
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HarrisLaw Succeeds In 1st DACA Case

HarrisLaw has succeeded in obtaining an approved grant of Deferred Action under the Childhood Arrivals program.  The grant was given to an eligible DREAMer who had one minor misdemeanor on his/her record.    The applicant was able to be…
Immigration Marriage Equality

Deferred Action News

How will DACA change, if Romney is Elected? The following are some news stories about what will happen if Romney is elected president of the United States.  He says he will not revoke the grants of Deferred Action already given to childhood…