Global business demands require U.S. companies and employers to seek only the most talented, brightest employees available. Sometimes, potential employees are from foreign countries and U.S. employers are in need of their unique, extraordinary, or specialized services.  Whether the employee is an executive, manager, licensed professional, amateur or professional athlete, as well as an entertainer, nurse, physician, or a journalist, there may be a U.S. business visa available that best matches their prospective employer’s minimum requirements.

Today, due to increasing regulations, policy, as well as daily updates to the procedures which affect business immigration, it is critical to understand which U.S. business visa category will best fit both the employer’s and employee’s job description. Hence, today’s business visa attorney must view the prospective employment as a human resource manager would and implement the best practical immigration policy and procedures.

For more information about the various Business Immigration options and the broad range of potential temporary visa categories, please review the following pages for more information:

Each of the options above provide different benefits, such as duration of stay, time period that the employee may remain in the U.S., as well as the ability to pursue permanent residence in the United States. Choosing the right visa category is critical. Having the right immigration lawyer that can help you choose is invaluable.

Contact our law firm for more information or to schedule an initial consultation with Miami Business Visa Attorney Michael A. Harris, a Florida Bar Board Certified Specialist with years of experience in high level corporate immigration matters.



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