Representatives of foreign press branches, through a range of media such as radio, film or other types of media may be eligible for an I Visa for temporary purposes when they are seeking to enter the U.S. solely for employment in their field of expertise. This visa category includes reporters, film crews, editors, and similar occupations.  Also included are the spouses and children under the age of 21 of the principal employee. To be eligible, the foreign media representative must show that their activities in the U.S. are essential to the foreign press branch.

The application process for an I Visa allows the employee to seek the visa directly at a US. consular section abroad without having to file with the USCIS. Once the foreign press employee travels to the U.S., the port of entry can admit the media representative for a duration of time as necessary.  The I Visa worker is required to be with the same employer in the same information medium.