HarrisLaw, P.A. is an immigration law practice based in Miami, Florida. We represent foreign nationals, U.S. employers, U.S. companies, and multinational companies all over the United States and the world. The firm is managed by Michael A. Harris, a board certified specialist in Immigration & Nationality Law, as recognized by the Florida Bar, the government agency which licenses attorneys who wish to practice law in the State of Florida.

It is our team’s goal to not only advise you on which Immigration option is best for your case, but to educate you and keep you informed of the complex and constant changes that are emerging.

Michael A. Harris, Esq.

Board Certified Immigration Lawyer

Immigration Lawyer Michael A. Harris has had a dynamic career in the field of immigration law since 2000, in which he has been involved in all aspects of the law.

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Maria Ortega, Esq.

Of Counsel

Maria R. Ortega is a highly experienced former prosecutor with over 15 years of experieince in the representation of businesses and individuals.

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